The Weltner Family: Jerry and Anne, and their kids Matthew and Katie. Jerry and Anne were married on June 11, 1977.

Katie-dear (born 6/27/88) is a sweet little girl. Always smiling, Katie is Miss Congeniality in each and every group she joins. She's active in church, Girl Scouts, National Honor Society and soccer. She was recently selected to solo in the school play,  Once Upon The Island. On the computer, she's a whiz at Instant Messenger and AOL-IM. She's also learning to drive this year.

Matthew (born 5/5/83) is a double-edged sword. He'd like to be known by his rough exterior, which might work, until he smiles. Matt is very good at anything he puts his mind to; if he doesn't put his mind to it, well... Matthew is respectful of other people, and generally an all-around good kid (but he wouldn't want you to know that.) The most important thing in Matt's life is his band, The Answer.  Hopefully, the band won't get in the way of his school work; he's attending Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. 

Anne, "Sweetness", is a CPA who wouldn't miss tax season. Has the best schedule in the world: 1/2 time after school starts until January, full time in January, full time (plus Saturdays) through tax season, then just regular full time until school stops, and has the summers off. Plays in the handbell choir, plays piano for the "Little Lites", and many other church activities. A true "home-body", Anne can be a voracious reader. She hates cats, but has three. Anne's favorite activity is being with her family, and especially her husband. What a life!

My Gold Wing is the newest member of the family. Actually, there have been 15 years worth of Silver Wings (500cc's) prior to this new baby. I ride all the time, usually every day, no matter the weather. Riding frees my mind from work and world pressures, and sets me free in another world all to itself. 

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