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"The nicest Marketing guy you've worked with lately."

Jerry Weltner
Vice President Marketing/Sales
TRIsource, Inc.


Weltner's Axiom:

People like what they know, and want what they like.

First Corrollary to Weltner's Axiom:

People are most productive in the environment they know best.

Note: This is NOT a formula for inertia. Rather, it is a strategy for marketing where you must recognize that even new, excitingly different ideas/products/etc. must first start where the customer is comfortable, and move forward from there. "XYZ is just like ABC, only faster/slower, smaller/bigger, more efficient/cheaper, or whatever."

Priorities in Life

Faith in God

I am a member of the Redmond United Methodist Church, where I have been Chairman of the Administrative Board and a Sunday School teacher, and now will be serving as the Chairman of the Council of Ministries. I also play hand bells in the Church choir, and I'm a member of the "Walk to Emmaus."


Let me introduce you to Anne, Matthew, and Katie.


I'm Vice President of Marketing/Sales at TRIsource, a Seattle company specializing in Windows development services. We not only work hard at TRIsource, we play hard, too. If you don't believe me, check out the Human Bowling Ball Page. Be forewarned that there are some large graphics here.

Everything Else

Including Toastmasters, Goldwing Touring Association, kids soccer teams coaching/officiating, Republican issues, etc.

Proudest Accomplishments

Earned appointment to Naval Academy, but instead chose to go NROTC at Oregon State
Selected as Daughters of American Revolution Cadet of the Year, 1973
Member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, 1974
First Account Executive employee of Andy Marken Public Relations, 1978
Appointed Vice President, US Operations for mbp (largest German software company), 1982
Toastmaster of the Year, District 2 (Seattle, WA), 1991 AND
Toastmaster of the Year, District 2 (Seattle, WA), 1998
Chairman, Administrative Board, Redmond UMC, 1993-1996
Winner of District 2 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest, 1997
Earned Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), 1998

My Best Friends

bulletJim Hager
bulletDennis Link
bulletMichael Heavener
bulletMarty Foulger

My Favorite Foods

bulletMcDonald's #3 meal
bulletSteak (medium)
bulletGrand Slam or Super Slam breakfast at Denny's
bulletAlmost any pastries (but I'm not supposed to have them!)

My Favorite Things to Say

Are known to those around me as "Weltnerisms" and you can check out the entire list of Weltnerisms.

All New!

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